A complete solution for businesses to manage delivery and pickup services.

Industry: Logistics

Implementation Time: 2-4 weeks

Cost: US$12.500/-


Simple, Powerful & Highly Flexible

Logistics Management System

A complete solution for businesses to manage deliveries and pickups.

Cloud-Based: Relief from IT headaches such as server issues and crashes.

No Paperwork: Take patient details instantly and digitally.

Best Architecture: Developed on modern technology stack with a high level of security.

Multiple Languages: Supports 21 different languages.

Streamline the logistics

An interactive map-based interface lets you streamline your entire process from allocation you dispatch and from scheduling to tracking a delivery. It enables you to locate your workforce on the map in real-time.

Communicate seamlessly

The platform comes with an integrated 2-way notification which can be used to serve and update your customers about their delivery at regular intervals and manage your mobile workforce efficiently with instant updates.

Make data-driven decisions

Analytics and graphical report feature available within the dashboard help you monitor the performance of the workforce. Data can be used for decision making to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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