Press Release: Announcing Unleashed Partnership

Category: Software, Technology

We are pleased to announce a partnership with inventory management software company Unleashed to provide our clients with support in moving their inventory management to the cloud. This collaboration will allow us to provide an even better, more personalized service to our clients, particularly those in the Manufacturing, Wholesale, and Distribution sectors. Unleashed’s cloud software for operations, sales, and inventory management can be integrated with other cloud accounting offerings including Xero and Quickbooks. It can also be integrated with leading CRM, e-commerce, and POS systems; providing a complete business solution.

We have a large number of clients who would benefit from using Unleashed. Being cloud-based, it is accessible anytime and anywhere providing flexibility for their business, and with real-time information on sales and margins, it gives greater visibility and control. Companies who will particularly benefit from Unleashed include those holding stock in multiple locations and selling at multiple price points, along with those who need to kit, bundle or assemble goods, and require batch or serial tracking for traceability.

Speaking on the collaboration, Nouman Qureshi, CEO & Founder of Bevy said:

“We are always looking for opportunities to help our clients increase productivity, save costs, and increase sales. Unleashed’s inventory management software enables us to manage our clients’ requirements efficiently, and the real-time view of their operations will allow us to provide proactive advice to help them make effective business decisions.”

Unleashed is a dedicated application for operations, sales and inventory management. See how it can help your business.