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About Bevy Technologies

Fueling Business Growth with Smart Technologies

Founded on the belief that there is a critical need to bridge the gap between businesses and technology, Bevy Technologies is a collective of individuals committed to helping start-ups and enterprises grow and evolve by empowering them with Smart Technologies. Our team comprises of experienced executives with extensive backgrounds in developing successful businesses, and seasoned developers specializing in areas as diverse as web user experience, big data, predictive analytics, enterprise gamification and mobile commerce.

The Way We Work

We provide Vision & Thought Leadership for developing and implementing Information Technology initiatives. 

We thrive on offering turnkey solutions that cover web, domain, and application development. Our approach and solutions are flexible and customized to meet each client’s unique circumstances. We work closely with our clients to understand their business objectives and provide tailor made solutions that streamline their business processes to match their short and long-term business goals. We identify, design, and implement bespoke tech powered solutions for our clients that improve and drive cost efficiency, service quality and business growth.

Value of Our Work

“You have shown a combination of professionalism, sincerity and patience which is missing in our corporate world here in Australia and for this you and your team are to be commended” Chaaban Omran – Director, Crescent Wealth.

We believe in building long term relationships with everyone we work with. These relationships are a direct result of our perpetual efforts in successfully delivering customer focused, value driven solutions. Our quality of work and customer service is unmatched and is proven in our client testimonials and by the fact that our clients have the belief and confidence to refer us; as more than half of our work is derived from client referrals.

What Makes Us Different

Throughout our organization we have always looked to bring together the right skills and knowledge to support technology development, network growth and customer service. One of the key principles of our development philosophy is transparency; working with us you get the visibility of where we are throughout the progress cycle.

Technology Strength

Technology Strength

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