Big Data & Analytics

Solving Big Data Challenges

Using Big Data to Make Better Decisions

Businesses today have access to large volumes of data – both structured and unstructured – collected from various sources like business applications, websites, social media channels, mobile apps, emails, blogs, and more. By translating this raw data into actionable insights, businesses can improve their decision-making processes, predict trends, optimize pricing, forecast demand, build better products, services, and customer experiences.

Increase Profitability

Customer service is one of the key areas where businesses can gain from Big Data analytics. By analyzing the data collected, they can create personalized experiences for their customers and provide better one-on-one services. This would boost customer loyalty, engagement and retention.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Businesses can leverage Big Data insights to optimize their processes, strategies, and enhance the overall efficiency of their business. For example, Tesla’s vehicles are embedded with sensors that collect data and send it to the central servers for analysis. This data is then used to improve R&D, car performance, car maintenance, and customer satisfaction.

"How Big is Big Data?"

Ever wondered how big is Big Data? Well we have, and in our quest to find an answer, we came across this very simple infographic with a break down of how big Big Data actually is – in numbers that are a bit easier to understand.

Solving Your Big Data Challenges

The creation and consumption of data continues to grow rapidly, and the sheer volume of this data means that businesses face challenges in collecting, storing, and processing the ever-growing amount. Our experts develop bespoke solutions that allow businesses from a range of verticals – from life sciences to telecommunications – to handle industry scale Big Data.

As Big Data encompasses many areas, our competencies can be blended to create the service that you need. Whether you need support on a single focused area or comprehensive package, we are here to solve your Big Data challenges.

Big Data Strategy 

Our experts can help you not only evaluate your current big data strategy but your potential capabilities too. With a clear indication of what can be achieved, we can create a solution that reflects the value of the data at your fingertips and your wider business aims.

Big Data Integration 

To make the most of your Big Data, it needs to be seamlessly integrated across all IT systems. Through connecting multiple data sets, processes, and systems, we deliver real-time insights that you can use and action, across all of your departments.

Data Governance

When organised, clear, and accessible, Big Data can be a powerful business tool – but quality is vital. We can help you identify and manage polices and rules to ensure that all your data is of consistent high quality, giving you the confidence to use it as part of your decision-making processes.

Customer Master Data Management

Customer data can be an invaluable source of insight, helping you to improve the experience of your clients across multiple aspects. Through creating a unified solution that considers the whole customer journey, we can give you a holistic, accurate, and consistent view of your customers. This allows you to identify potential opportunities.

Data Mining and Aggregation

The number of Big Data sources means it can be difficult to collate all the information into useful insights. Our data mining and aggregation services takes the task out of your hands, pulling together multiple sources so you never miss those all important details.

Big Data Analytics 

We combine our big data expertise with advanced knowledge of business intelligence and machine learning, giving you access to unrivaled analytics. Transforming your unorganized, raw data into customizeable, interactive reports, we’ll optimize your data and ensure it’s accessible.

Technologies We Work With

Our highly skilled team has vast experience in using a wide range of technologies, giving them the ability to pick out the one that will best suit your exact needs. The result is the creation of a market leading platform. Among the technologies we deploy are:

  • Apache Hadoop
  • MapReduce
  • Apache Ambari
  • Apache Spark
  • Amazon EMR
  • Azure HDInight
  • Apache Kafka
  • Apache Zookeeper
  • Apache Storm
  • Apache Hue

Let's make Big Data work for you!