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Startup Lab - Supporting entrepreneurs in practice

The new reality is closer than you think.

Our Startup Lab initiative is focused towards helping tech entrepreneurs and startups transform their ideas into reality; by giving them access to what they need – industry experts, workforce, technology stacks and partners.

Whether it’s idea validation, prototyping or developing a minimum viable product for commercial use, we are committed to helping you build a quality product, drive your venture to profitability and subsequently achieve a successful exit.

Supporting Entrepreneurs in Practice

CTO as a Service

We help develop and execute the full development process, with short-term and long-term technical strategy and road map. We work together to discover and implement new technologies that yield competitive advantages. We also assist you in communicating the technology strategy to your stakeholders.

Research & Validation

This is an all-important first step in a startup’s journey. It helps in identifying challenges and opportunities. The information gathered during this phase results in concept validation, stakeholder buy-in and a detailed project road map.


Before you even start building your product you must test it to see if your customers will buy it. By using our in-house tech stack, we help you build an engaging prototype to test it with your target consumer set before you invest a significant amount in building a commercial product.

Minimum Viable Product

Once we have all the information, we help you build and launch your first commercial ready product. We follow a highly iterative method to meet evolving business goals and customer needs. This approach promotes adaptive planning, rapid response to change and fast delivery of a high-quality product.

Dedicated Team

Every project gets a dedicated team of experts with high domain expertise required to bring your product to success. Depending on the scope, the team would include a Software Architect, Project Manager, Scrum Master, UI/UX Designer, QA specialist, and Developers.

The DevOps Mindset

DevOps is an approach for lean and agile software delivery that promotes closer collaboration between development, operations, and testing. We respond to the market faster and build engaging user experiences. Click here to learn more about DevOps.

Tools & Resources

We work with some of the top technology companies and have strategic alliances with them. By joining the Startup Lab, you gain direct access to tools and resources like IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Atlassian, ReSharper, and more.

Be Part of Something Bigger

Gain access to our network partners; leading agencies and thought leaders. Share your expertise and learn from others in the network, showcase your skills on a bigger platform to attract new funding and partnership opportunities.

"Building a Thriving Tech Community"

By working together, we want to shape and advance the global tech industry.

Plans & Pricing

We care about creating long-term value for entrepreneurs and startups, that’s why we are very transparent with our pricing and only charge what is fair.


from $25,000

per project

Research & Idea Validation

Prototype Design & Development

Project Roadmap


from $15,000 

per month

One-on-One Advisory

Research & Concept Validation

Prototype Design & Development

Dedicated Team

UI/UX Design

Frontend Development

Backend Development

Setup & Training

Commercial Ready Product

Monitor, Support & Grow


from $5,000 

per month

CTO as a Service

Developement (Web & Mobile)

Design (UI/UX)

Project Management

Quality Assurance

Need help choosing the right plan? Reach out and we will help you get started.