Building a Thriving Tech Community

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building a thriving tech community

Founded on the principles of Fairness & Transparency.

At Bevy, we are on a mission to build a thriving tech community where startups work together to shape and advance the global tech industry and transform client’s vision into reality.

You are welcome to Join our Community!

As a member you get access to new markets, innovations, and thought leadership.

  1. Leverage the strengths of other members and achieve vertical integrations.
  2. Engage and collaborate with industry leaders to accomplish your goals.
  3. Connect with peers, learn from them and get important feedback.
  4. Grow your business quickly without heavily investing in marketing and new business development.

Enjoy the Benefits

As a member you will enjoy a number of benefits:

  1. New market exposure to promote and launch your products and services.
  2. Access to new clients and leads.
  3. Access to resources and capabilities.
  4. Heightened credibility.
  5. Free access to Bevy products.


We also provide you with the following:

A Partner landing page on Bevy website: promote your technology services or a content piece to our clients and audience.

Blog article(s): generate referral traffic and gain an SEO boost through backlinking.

Community group: Build and manage your own group within our community page. Connect with industry experts and clients; share, learn and increase your visibility.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our community, you can reach out to us by filling in the form below.