eCommerce Studio

Crafting bespoke online shopping experiences

Crafting online shopping experiences

We design & build bespoke enterprise scale eCommerce platforms. By following the Agile Manifesto for development and leveraging best practices in design and user experience (UX), we craft personalized online shopping experiences.

It’s all about Lean Principles

Our approach to platform development is highly iterative to meet evolving business goals and customer needs. This approach promotes adaptive planning, rapid response to change and fast delivery of high-quality products.

Business value of a good user experience (UX)

A lot of businesses overlook UX and focus solely on design. Extensive research has shown that eCommerce sites with a highly effective UX have increased their revenues by atleast 47%; proving that good UX is paramount in today’s market.

"The User Experience (UX) Factor"

Focusing on the development of a better UX can dramatically change the way a company does business. Recent studies have shown that a well-designed and well-implemented UX can easily increase a website’s popularity and reach, all the while increasing ROI by 9,900%.

Our Process to Success

1- Discovery 

This is an all-important first step. Our solution architects and UX experts conduct a series of meetings, focus groups and workshops with your team, your stakeholders, and customers to gain a high-level understanding of the project. This helps us identify challenges and opportunities and the information gathered during this phase results in concept validation, stakeholder buy-in and a detailed project road map.

2- Planning 

In this phase we scope out all the requirements for the project and develop a detailed project plan document in collaboration with the client. This document contains all the details with regards to platform framework, features, architecture, wire frames, technical specifications, platform development with complete work breakdown structure broken down into small tasks (development sprints), and project timelines with milestones for each task. Once we have a sign-off from all stakeholders, we start the work.

3- Design 

Our UI/UX experts works closely with you to understand your brand vision for your eCommerce store. Research findings along with our experience and your personal touch gives life to a creative, captivating, and unique design. Each design iteration is tested for usability and optimized accordingly to ensure high user engagement and conversion levels.

4- Development 

Once we have a thorough analysis through the earlier phases, our expert front end and back end developers create custom code designed to meet your business requirements. We work with an iterative development approach ensuring that businesses launch their online stores quickly and then we customize basis analytics reflective of market feedback. This removes the guesswork and is a highly efficient cost saving measure in the long run.

5- Quality Assurance 

We do not handover any product without an extensive quality assurance check. Our QA specialists work alongside our development team to ensure all development is as per defined business processes and meets the user acceptance criteria scripted during the planning phase. We use a proprietary combination of manual and automated testing tools covering cross platform, performance and security testing. In cases where the product is being released in several releases, we go through a rigorous process of regression testing to ensure features and functionalities in earlier releases are not impacted with the upcoming release.

6- User Acceptance 

We firmly believe that user acceptance is extremely important to the successful implementation of your eCommerce product. This phase ensures that all business requirements are met and all issues are addressed prior to the Go-Live phase. A lot of companies tend to overlook this phase resulting in huge issues and wastage post implementation.

7- Setup & Training

Before launch, we take you through all the features and controls of your platform. We train your team on how to manage the platform and perform daily tasks such as add or remove products, change pricing, and send out marketing emails via the CMS among other important aspects so you are able to manage your business easily.

8- Launch

First week post launch is most crucial. We closely monitor and track your platform and provide performance reports on daily basis.

9- Growth

In order to grow with the market and quickly adapt to growing customer needs, you will need to keep updating your platform based on user feedback and trends. As a trusted technology partner we support the full business cycle.

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