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With this strategic partnership, the two companies aim to help entrepreneurs in the MENAP region build disruptive, unique, engaging and interactive products; faster and at a reduced cost. The data led approach will ensure startups face fewer surprises during the development phase, and are able to keep up with evolving technology trends.

The product design and development process can often be overwhelming for clients. There is no one step approach as product design and development involves intensive market analysis, framework research, technical requirement gathering and several other steps before a viable product design is presented. Therefore in order to meet evolving business goals and customer needs, a highly iterative product design & development process should be followed.

Optimizing a website’s usability and responsiveness has become fundamentally bound to the success (or failure) of a business. Providing customers, clients, and even potential investors, with a great first online impression, therefore, can help businesses expand their reach and, ultimately, raise profit margins.

In my 14 years of entrepreneurial experience of running businesses and advising startups, I have learnt that every rapidly growing SME needs tools to drive efficiency & productivity as part of their startup toolbox. Thankfully, there is a vast variety of free online tools developed to help streamline business processes. By effectively using these tools, more can be achieved at a fraction of the cost.

The “Gamification” of Education refers to the idea of integrating gaming elements (not the game itself) in learning environments; just like how businesses are making use of gamification for higher customer engagement and brand loyalty by awarding badges to “first visitors” or points for “profile completion”.